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Toe walking treatment – Therapy in three stages – Pyramid insoles in accordance with Pomarino

Therapy in three stages Pyramid insoles in accordance with Pomarino
Should there be no noticeable improvement following these treatment efforts, it may be appropriate to prescribe treatments such as the use of botulinum toxin, orthotics, casts and/or night splints. The need for surgery on the Achilles tendon is only necessary in extreme cases.
Following an extensive diagnostic process and the exclusion of the possibility of an underlying severe orthopaedic or neurological cause for the toe walking, treatment is commenced in three stages. The initial and least invasive therapeutic approach involves the provision of personalised pyramid insoles in accordance with Pomarino . Accompanying treatment with physiotherapy may also be recommended. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, meaning the extend of the toe walking relative to the age of the child and the patient’s response to the initial treatment, this stage may last for a period of between six to 24 months.
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