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The practice Pomarino specialises in the treatment of toe walking.

Our areas of treatment: Analysis of movement and diagnosis Toe Walking – Therapy available to children and adults Toe Walking – Treatment in accordance with Pomarino Treatment for gait anomalies Gait Laboratory – EMG – EEG Therapy for movement disorders
Toe Walking – Therapy available to children and adults Treatment for gait anomalies
Mr. Pomarino is a recognised specialist for toe walking. He has years of experience in the treatment of children, which he utilises in the specialist practice for gait anomalies he founded in Hamburg-Rahlstedt. Five additional staff members are dedicated to ensuring that patients are well looked after on a daily basis. We welcome both children and your adults for treatment but are delighted to confirm our specialist expertise in the treatment of children. Mr. Pomarino and his team have been researching the possible causes of toe walking for several years, in collaboration with a number of university clinics. One key result of these research efforts was the development of the so-called pyramid insole in accordance with Pomarino, which has since revealed itself to be extraordinarily successful in treating toe walking.
Classification and treatment of toe walking.
In addition to his consultations in Hamburg, Mr. Pomarino offers external consultations across Germany in the cities of Berlin, Datteln, Deggendorf, Düren, Hannover, Hessisch Oldendorf, Offenbach, Osnabrück, Potsdam, Augsburg and München. Additionally, international consultations are offered regularly in many countries in South America. Please enquire via email to request further information.
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