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Career – Job offers in the practice of David Pomarino in Hamburg-Rahlstedt.

Our team is agile and flexible, specialising in the research and treatment of gait anomalies. We are frequently looking to hire individuals working in the following areas to join our institution: Scientific advisors Sport scientists Biomechanists Help us in our mission to ensure that toe waling in children is diagnosed correctly and treated appropriately, to improve the quality of life of our affected children significantly! Additionally, we provide internships to students and apprentices. Please direct all enquiries (including the usual additional documents) to info@ptz- David Pomarino will be delighted to answer your questions. Our practice is located in Rahlstedter Bahnhofstrasse 9, 22143 Hamburg Rahlstedt, Germany. You can call us at +49 (040) 513 20 880, we are happy to take your calls Monday to Friday form 11 am to 5 pm.
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