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The Owner David Pomarino (born on the 14th of October 1975 in La Paz/ Bolivia) is a German physiotherapist and entrepreneur who is a Bolivian native. He is particularly interested in the research and treatment of gait anomalies in children. He first gained international recognition with his interdisciplinary work on the diagnosis, classification and treatment of toe walking. His proposal to classify the three most common clusters of symptoms in three categories was considered particularly valuable. Life David Pomarino lived in La Paz/ Bolivia, where he went to school until he moved to Germany in 1995. He then commenced his extensive education in physiotherapy, spiral dynamics, sensory integration therapy and Bobath to name just a few. Work David Pomarino has been running his own practice for the treatment of children with gait anomalies in Hamburg since 2002. He willingly shares his extensive expert knowledge with his colleagues. He worked as a lecturer between 2005 and 2015 on training seminars in Schaumburg and ran the courses on Bobath. He has been teaching with the sport academy of the German Society for Dentistry and Medicine for Sport (DGYMS German abbreviation) in Leipzig since 2018. He is a member of the German association for physiotherapy and is one of just two non-scientists who are members of the advisory committee for the journal for paediatric medicine „päd - Praktische Pädiatrie“, which consists of 28 people in total. Mr. Pomarino regularly speaks at scientific conferences in his area of expertise, at events such as OTWorld Leipzig, the ISPO-Weltkongress of the international society for prosthetics and orthotics, the International Conference on Pediatric Nursing and Healthcare and the Neurological Disorders Summit (NDS). He works with several German and international universities and university clinics, where he offers frequent consultations. He has authored more than 70 publications in several different languages, all addressing his specialist area: The classification and treatment of toe walking. These include the first monography on the subject. Critics have praised Mr. Pomarino for bringing points of discussion to a medical condition which has previously been ignored too often. In 2018, he worked in collaboration with human geneticists to formulate his thesis that genetic testing could be used to identify a clear medical cause of toe walking. This would allow for an improved treatment approach that could be tailored to the individual. Mr. Pomarino is the inventor of the so-called “Pyramideneinlage” (pyramid insole). Awards Mr. Pomarino received an honorary doctorate for his research work naming him “Illustre Amigo” which was awarded to him by the Bolivian medical association “Colegio medico de La Paz”. His charity work to promote the wellbeing of children led to him being named as the ambassador for the children’s’ charity “Unicef for Bolivia”.

David Pomarino – Owner of the Practice Pomarino located in Hamburg.

Classification and treatment of toe walking Practice David Pomarino Hamburg Germany
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